“Here’s your compensation and position in case you wish to join me to build XYZ”, says he.   “No Sir, I am committed to my project and am very positive about it’s future”, she said.   “I am very proud to hear this. Just thought I will do my bit”, he said.   Okay now let me ask you two things. How much did it cost her to turn down this opportunity? While she accepted […]

“I don’t like them,” she said.   “Why so,” I asked.   It so happened that she had done some business with them and they took advantage of her. When implored further, she couldn’t actually recollect what exactly the problem had been. All she remembered was that she didn’t like them.   That’s the way it is. You read those feedback columns, and you will see that the actual facts are often quite meagre. What […]

Some thoughts here and there, you may agree, you may not agree, either ways worth grazing through. Failure is yours, success is ours. It’s always like that. Accept it. English is not just a very funny language, it’s cruel too. Any international arbitration will validate that. Return compassion for every ruthlessness because that moves souls, atleast it will move some. Stand by people when they need you even if that meant turning down opportunities, for […]

Consider the following examples:-   Nestlé’s chocolate-flavored drink Choglit, OK Soda or Surge, New Coke, Sony Corp.’s The eVilla, General Motors Corp.’s The Pontiac Aztek, The CueCat, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.’s offering “a bed in business”. Can you draw a similarity?   When Columbia was destroyed, NASA conducted an exhaustive investigation to realize that the loss of a piece of foam insulation triggered such an explosion.  This was overlooked a year before when the space shuttle Atlantis […]

Should numbers and strategy be mixed? Bet you must have asked this to yourself a zillion times before you decided on your management to concur and invest in your idea for new products/services while being equally apprehensive about the fact that if you fail to present the NPV calculations or some reasonable numbers in your plan, you may not land up with the investment.   It’s often seen that most strategic projects with long-term valuable implications are the ones that are impossible to quantify. Consider Intel […]

Most of us have this hunger for multinationals, ranks, designations, hierarchy, etc. Don’t we? And it makes complete sense to have a fascination for such things because it’s considered prestigious, commands deference, makes one complacent, boosts confidence.   But is it smart to limit your knowledge or conduct yourself according to the position you hold in your organization?   So what,   “That’s not my job. My boss is accountable for any lapse.”   “I […]

Using cheese as a metaphor for what we want to have in life: job, relationship, money, freedom, health, recognition etc, and maze being where we spend time looking for what we want, Dr. Spencer Johnson succeeds in sending out a powerful message through two mice and two little people.   Sniff – sniffs out change early before others are aware of it.   Scurry – sees what is needed and takes action immediately.   Hem […]

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