My hair has been harvested in Ladakh   Then I’ve been hand-spun in Kashmir   I’m not Adrenalo, I’m not Arabella, I’m not Arcobaleno, I’m not Azzurra…..   I’m not Grunello, I’m not Cucento, I’m not Roberto….   You can now “Create Your Own Name” or you can order this “Luxury Stole” by Email  

I’m living the life in the Bay Area with my mommy, daddy and two sisters   I’m planning to spend this Valentine’s Day with my look-alike   I love playing hide-n-seek & tag, but forget to bring the toy back, just like my daddy   Did I forget to mention that I’m planning to build an app that “barks” after I get laid off in case you decide to touch base with me at +1.408.802.2885 (with […]

So you’ve been considering change for a while now and unable to get there. Try the following. Not the easiest but, possibly, the fastest way to get things done.   1. Don’t demand authority.   2. Take responsibility but be accountable.   3. Don’t play the blame game.   4. Acknowledge and generously give credit.   5. Cultivate a learning mindset. If you go with a learning mindset you will learn from pretty much everything that […]

Flipkart, Myntra, Shopclues, Groupon, Snapdeal, Makemytrip, Yatra. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear these names? I bet it is “Oh I wish I could work there”. The Indian e-commerce market is glamorous as many tout it as or even better to call it a movement instead of just an industry.   According to a survey by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the Indian […]

Let your phone breathe, spare some empty space and use it instead to call your parents and loved ones.   If you are an aspiring artist (Dancer, Stage/Film Actor, Singer, or even Model), begin by making a human connection (uninstall the app Castivate, instead reach out directly to Chris Shields (New York–based filmmaker and writer who is a frequent contributor to Art & Antiques magazine and Screen Slate) through Film Comment   Even better, design your […]

There’s a lot of hype over entrepreneurship these days and we often talk about idea generation, raising funds, making a business plan, elevator pitches etc but the vital thing which we often miss out is “Execution”. Here, we are going to talk about the most underrated part for early stage entrepreneurs in detail.   Some execution tips –   1. Keep it simple – It’s important to keep things simple, be, it technology or process. […]

Imagine a situation where you are in the final stages of negotiating a big sale which if you close the deal will exceed your annual sales but the bad news is that to clinch the deal, the client wants a major concession which will erode the profitability of the transaction and set a bad example. So what do you do?   Will you sell the product instead of meeting the need – Every product or […]

How about dining the “Royal” way?

For the 12th pass-out “proud” Scorpion GADHI

STALKERS and CYBER CRIMINALS are not heroes……

They are ASSHOLES….and THISSSSS is simply WOW

Do you think “BUDHIYA” needs to find a better strategy this time? Did the “Randi” mother  forget to tell her the name of her actual father?

“Marathi Mulgi” ne “KOTHA” khola hai

Address and phone number is HERE

Did Dell finally KICK out this ASSHOLE?


a MUST have

The “POPAT” wanted to “MAKE OUT” in 2011

Saala HARAMI ne shakal nahi dekhi aaine mein

FIR kahan se karu? If you are a KRISHNA devotee, beat/fuck this MADARCHOD




Even a “Dobermann” is true to its breed…

A box of this for the one who can “spit” on this “piece of SHIT“. The STALKER father calls them angels

The biggest SCAM ever

Your Brand Needs (Jingle + Data)

“Happy Deportation”

Buy Now –

That completes it

If you are a Thief based In Saratoga

“Dhokla” Darr Gaya ;)

Listen to your books Anywhere Anytime

For she’s available 24/7

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