“Whether it is Ur #work Ur #Love or Ur #life Unless U throw Ur entire self into it, U will never know what it is..”, says the STALKER (24th Nov, 2014)   Can a RESPONSIBLE Green card holder (who is HAPPILY MARRIED with two really UGLY daughters) spy on a Beautiful INDIAN citizen (erstwhile client and HAPPILY SINGLE) since 2010 without her CONSENT and then be allowed to run a software development company within the […]

Brunello Cucinelli (often referred to as the “King Of Cashmere”) buys an aquarium of two gold fishes.   Let’s call them Anushua (which means one who is devoid of envy) and Ananya (which means a unique pornstar) @ 0.99/hr (currency you can decide)   The King loves them a lot so he feeds them thrice a day, changes the water every week and spends a lot time with them.   One fine day, a close friend (let’s […]

My India offices do not exist, I’m a vendor to the Australian counterpart and I have two addresses for a single office in Silicon Valley   None of my STAFF has ever worked with companies like HP, Oracle, TIBCO, WebEx as I normally like to brag   The quickest way by which I enter a system is through my CLIENT’S cellphone or for that matter anybody’s cellphone   When I’m unable to control a STRONG […]

Tom Hardy “divides and conquers” as the Krays, who ruled criminal London (the Las Vegas Of Europe) from the late 1950s until their imprisonment in 1968, did real and wide-ranging human harm in their careers, a fact that writer-director Brian Helgeland deployed much deadpan humor amid the beatings, stabbings and shootings of East End folklore.   The song “Faded“ featuring Frances and Reggie is the only beautiful thing to watch out in the crime drama […]

I am a HIPPO and this is my STORY…..   My father is a THIEF   My short and desperate mother could barely complete schooling (12th grade in India to be specific), is so proud of giving birth to two ugly ducklings, which my STALKER father likes to call angels   I have an ugly younger sister, who will not even pass as a beggar in the US   My STALKER father runs a web […]

Whether you are negotiating a business deal with your client or you are negotiating your remuneration with your employer, the art of negotiation escapes most of us.   For most of us, negotiation means a process which involves a reduction of price and terms to get the best deal. However, that’s not what it is supposed to be. The word “negotiate” means to carry on business. The aim of negotiating is to continue doing business […]

Captain George Pollard, Jr.: “Normally a captain gets to choose his first mate” Owen Chase: “An experienced captain, yeah”   Ron Howard’s latest fanciful adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick’s acclaimed non-fiction book “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex” is about the real incident that partly inspired Herman Mellville’s novel “Moby-Dick“—the 1820 destruction of a whaling vessel by an angry mammoth size whale. It reveals the encounter’s harrowing aftermath, as the […]

How about dining the “Royal” way?

For the 12th pass-out “proud” Scorpion GADHI

STALKERS and CYBER CRIMINALS are not heroes……

They are ASSHOLES….and THISSSSS is simply WOW

Do you think “BUDHIYA” needs to find a better strategy this time? Did the “Randi” mother  forget to tell her the name of her actual father?

“Marathi Mulgi” ne “KOTHA” khola hai

Address and phone number is HERE

Did Dell finally KICK out this ASSHOLE?


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The “POPAT” wanted to “MAKE OUT” in 2011

Saala HARAMI ne shakal nahi dekhi aaine mein

FIR kahan se karu? If you are a KRISHNA devotee, beat/fuck this MADARCHOD




Even a “Dobermann” is true to its breed…

A box of this for the one who can “spit” on this “piece of SHIT“. The STALKER father calls them angels

The biggest SCAM ever

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“Happy Deportation”

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If you are a Thief based In Saratoga

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