My India offices do not exist, I’m a vendor to the Australian counterpart and I have two addresses for a single office in Silicon Valley   None of my STAFF has ever worked with companies like HP, Oracle, TIBCO, WebEx as I normally like to brag   The quickest way by which I enter a system is through my CLIENT’S cellphone or for that matter anybody’s cellphone   When I’m unable to control a STRONG […]

My husband is a THIEF   I can’t differentiate between the first “thing” and a MONKEY (some of my friends love to call them GOD Birds though)   My STALKER husband runs a web and app development company, much of it is STOLEN, not sure how much of 5(a) is true   “I am proud of this UGLY family”, says my STALKER husband   Ironically, I’m called “Destiny Ben“   Should I not spend the rest […]

Raoul Silva: “Hello James, welcome. Do you like the island?  My grandmother had an island when I was a boy. Nothing to boast of. You could walk along it in an hour. But still, it was – it was a paradise for us.   One summer, we came for a visit and discovered the whole place had been infested with rats. They’d come on a fishing boat and had gorged themselves on coconut.   So how […]

I’m a dark-skinned and very ill-mannered and coward guy  (don’t read MAN)   I have been sent to Kendriya Vidyalaya (which only my poor dad could afford)   I went to Rizvi College (where mostly the “Road-Siders” go)   I just don’t STEAL others MONEY, but also their work, their IDEAS (Intellectual Property), their privacy, their peace of mind…   And I think STALKING, insulting and threatening clients (read youngest client) is legal and my […]

I am a HIPPO and this is my STORY…..   My father is a THIEF   My short mother could barely complete schooling (12th grade in India to be specific), is so proud of giving birth to two ugly ducklings, which my STALKER father likes to call angels   I have an ugly younger sister, who will not even pass as a beggar in the USA   My maternal uncle is a hairdresser   My […]

FOB means Freight On Board or Free On Board. If terms of delivery of a transaction is on FOB, it means that the cost of movement of goods on board of Airlines or on board of ship is borne by the seller. All other expenses to arrive the goods at buyer’s premise has to be met by the buyer.   Let us consider this. You are a chemical manufacturer situated near Mumbai, India. The buyer […]

Captain George Pollard, Jr.: “Normally a captain gets to choose his first mate” Owen Chase: “An experienced captain, yeah”   Ron Howard’s latest fanciful adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick’s acclaimed non-fiction book “In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex,” is about the real incident that partly inspired Herman Mellville’s novel “Moby-Dick“—the 1820 destruction of a whaling vessel by an angry mammoth size whale. It reveals the encounter’s harrowing aftermath, as the […]


Enchanted is a 5-minutes short story set against the backdrop of the Antwerp port.

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