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I called a friend thinking that someone is spying on me and started briefing the incident


Soon the call got disconnected


I called him a few minutes later and he yelled at me saying that a man started abusing him (Mar 10th, 2012)


At quarter to twelve, I get a phone call that someone represented me from USA but I don’t know anyone in the US (June 6th, 2018)


If James Bond would be in Dubai, how would he like to pay a visit? And while you may be confused about the whole thing, let us take you for a walk


The bad guys are wreaking havoc and it’s tough to target the few hundred super hackers that experts believe are behind the majority of cyber attacks but your enterprise can certainly protect data.


Unfortunately, if you are an individual and still have some questions, we are an email away



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How about dining the “Royal” way?

For the 12th pass-out “proud” Scorpion GADHI

STALKERS and CYBER CRIMINALS are not heroes……

They are ASSHOLES….and THISSSSS is simply WOW

Do you think “BUDHIYA” needs to find a better strategy this time? Did the “Randi” mother  forget to tell her the name of her actual father?

“Marathi Mulgi” ne “KOTHA” khola hai

Address and phone number is HERE

Did Dell finally KICK out this ASSHOLE?


a MUST have

The “POPAT” wanted to “MAKE OUT” in 2011

Saala HARAMI ne shakal nahi dekhi aaine mein

FIR kahan se karu? If you are a KRISHNA devotee, beat/fuck this MADARCHOD




Even a “Dobermann” is true to its breed…

A box of this for the one who can “spit” on this “piece of SHIT“. The STALKER father calls them angels

The biggest SCAM ever

Your Brand Needs (Jingle + Data)

“Happy Deportation”

Buy Now –

That completes it

If you are a Thief based In Saratoga

“Dhokla” Darr Gaya ;)

Listen to your books Anywhere Anytime

For she’s available 24/7

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