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Brunello Cucinelli (often referred to as the “King Of Cashmere”) buys an aquarium of two gold fishes.


Let’s call them Anushua (which means one who is devoid of envy) and Ananya (which means a unique pornstar) @ 0.99/hr (currency you can decide)


The King loves them a lot so he feeds them thrice a day, changes the water every week and spends a lot time with them.


One fine day, a close friend (let’s call it Bespoke King) of the King visits the place and likes the fish and advises the King that having an aquarium is an ill omen for his business and that he should quickly get rid of it but the King doesn’t budge.


So, in the absence of the King, the angry Bespoke King takes the fish out of the aquarium and places it on a saucer and leaves it….


“Go inside, you will catch cold”, says the STALKER (aka Abhijeet Mukherjee or Bespoke King) ( Feb 29th, 2012 – Chittaranjan Park, Delhi)


Barista, Galleria Market, Gurgaon (Mar 1st, 2012) (drinking coffee)


MGF Metropolitan mall, Gurgaon (movie Ek Main Aur Ek Tu) (Mar 3rd, 2012) (sitting next to me)


MGF Megacity mall, Gurgaon (movie The VOW) (Mar 8th, 2012) (sitting next to me)


MGF Metropolitan mall, Gurgaon (movie Hunger Games) (Mar 16th, 2012) (sitting next to me)



Mahindra Splendora, Bhandup (8th July, 2015) (walking on the premises)


Mahindra Splendora, Bhandup (28th July, 2015) (walking on the premises)


Mahindra Splendora, Bhandup (8th August, 2015) (walking on the premises)


Mahindra Splendora, Bhandup (14th September, 2015) (walking on the premises)


Mahindra Splendora, Bhandup (10th October, 2015) (walking on the premises)


Flight from Mumbai to Hong Kong (21st Nov, 2015) (Flight # CX696, seat 60A, sitting next to me, TOUCHED ME WHILE I WAS SLEEPING IN THE NIGHT)


Starbucks, Opposite Gateway Of India (27th June, 2016) (sitting next to me)


Title Waves, Bandra (20th July, 2016) (standing outside)


Crosswords, Dadar (31st August, 2016) (standing next to me)


8 minutes of your time is “8 years of my Life” but AMMA is still not registering a FIR against the psychopath


There is an old saying in Hindi, “Brahman ki baddua lag hi jaati hai”….(Get a chance to win this Pashmina Stole if you can translate this in Gujarati for the uneducated wife of the STALKER and THIEF)…..Don’t forget BIMBO is still @ 0.99/hr




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