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I’m the best mother so I didn’t correct my son when he stole for the first time after-all I had to secretly make-out with men to run the household


I’m the best mother-in-law so I died giving awesome blowjobs to all the clients whose money my dear son-in-law FORGOT to return


I’m afraid, is this the future of a THIEF’s unfortunate destiny with men, bald men, more men, uncles of aunties, friends, “we are in shock”, LGBT, dogs and their look-alikes


My STALKER and DEVOTED husband is reachable at +1.408.805.0495 (U.S.A) or in case you wish to book an appointment with me or my black princess


You can also reach out to my brother (Hitesh Parekh – working at Auraine Botanicals Pvt Ltd) at +91-9167891123 (India) or my dear sister-in-law at +91-9999971870 (India) or leave a box of contraceptives inside Tower 3/1402/Uniworld Gardens, Sohna road, Gurgaon since my DEVOTED husband is busy spying on others.


That makes it a complete “House Of Iiiinfluencers



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