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“Whether it is Ur #work Ur #Love or Ur #life Unless U throw Ur entire self into it, U will never know what it is..”, says the STALKER (24th Nov, 2014)


Can a RESPONSIBLE Green card holder (who is HAPPILY MARRIED with two really UGLY daughters) spy on a Beautiful INDIAN citizen (erstwhile client and HAPPILY SINGLE) since 2010 without her CONSENT and then be allowed to run a software development company within the purview of The United States Cyber Security Laws?


Shouldn’t the STALKER’s US citizenship, if applied or has been granted, be revoked, to protect the national interest of the United States Of America?


Equifax breach shows why organizations or for that matter governments need to act against known vulnerabilities before the FBI releases it’s updated list of 5 Most Wanted cyber criminals to include a 6th name


Isn’t capital punishment the ONLY way to compensate for economic espionage, stalking, corporate fraud, breach of privacy, mental harassment, conspiracy to seek the life of an Indian citizen?




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