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I’m a dark-skinned and very ill-mannered and coward guy  (don’t read MAN)


I have been sent to Kendriya Vidyalaya (which only my poor father could afford)


I went to Rizvi College (where mostly the “Road-Siders” go)


I just don’t STEAL others MONEY, but also their work, their IDEAS (Intellectual Property), their privacy, their peace of mind


And I think STALKING, insulting and threatening clients (read youngest client) is legal and my birthright


I make sure that my ugly desperate wife does exactly what “my erstwhile client whose project I had kept on hold since 2010” does ONLINE (if only I could educate and make the old hag employable)


Then I call myself the American Dream….


“Is imaarat ki neev itni majboot hai ke koi “STALKER” Aryan haathon mein violin aur chehre pe muskaan liye uski ek bhi eeint hilane ke liye kadam nahi rakh sakta hai”, says the SHAHENSHAH


2018 will be the year of the INDIAN “fair” women and it’s INDIGENOUS products




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