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I am a HIPPO and this is my STORY…..


My father is a THIEF


My short and desperate mother could barely complete schooling (12th grade in India to be specific), is so proud of giving birth to two ugly ducklings, which my STALKER father likes to call angels


I have an ugly younger sister, who will not even pass as a beggar in the US


My STALKER father runs a web and app development company, much of it is STOLEN, not sure how much of 5(a) is true


My maternal uncle is a hairdresser


My paternal grandfather is being taken care of by my relatives


My paternal uncle thinks he can replace Vin Diesel in the next Fast & Furious series


And here I’m in New York working with A.JAFFE, being so proud of my RETARDED father who might want to listen to my office conversation through my PHONE. Do you think I even have the right to work in the US?



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How about dining the “Royal” way?

For the 12th pass-out “proud” Scorpion GADHI

STALKERS and CYBER CRIMINALS are not heroes……

They are ASSHOLES….and THISSSSS is simply WOW

Do you think “BUDHIYA” needs to find a better strategy this time? Did the “Randi” mother  forget to tell her the name of her actual father?

“Marathi Mulgi” ne “KOTHA” khola hai

Address and phone number is HERE

Did Dell finally KICK out this ASSHOLE?


a MUST have

The “POPAT” wanted to “MAKE OUT” in 2011

Saala HARAMI ne shakal nahi dekhi aaine mein

FIR kahan se karu? If you are a KRISHNA devotee, beat/fuck this MADARCHOD




Even a “Dobermann” is true to its breed…

A box of this for the one who can “spit” on this “piece of SHIT“. The STALKER father calls them angels

The biggest SCAM ever

Your Brand Needs (Jingle + Data)

“Happy Deportation”

Buy Now –

That completes it

If you are a Thief based In Saratoga

“Dhokla” Darr Gaya ;)

Listen to your books Anywhere Anytime

For she’s available 24/7

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