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“Take care of my needs and you will get every contact in the finance industry”, says the Head Of Business Development


“How many men do you stay with as it is so common in Mumbai, says the Head Of Business Development


“Get yourself a drink or get fired with a wink”, says the Founder & CEO


“You will need to join our poker party because the COO wants you to”, says the AVP


“I do not intend to give your promotion, so you will have to make an early exit”, says the Head HR (when NOT drunk)


India introduces death penalty for child rapists BUT we have some diverse opinions too (How about she gets STALKED, HARASSED, RAPED and then be asked about her views?)


Facebook deleted 583 million fake accounts in the first three months of 2018 (Is This and This & That and That or This and That and This NOT a part of the 500 million fake accounts)


Demonetisation was not a good idea, says Raghuram Rajan, then, did India’s dirty politics kill Raghuram Rajan’s appetite for a second term?


Nowadays, even brother’s of STALKER’S gets featured in The Times Of India (Wonder if his mother conceived his retarded son in the bathroom?)


Should you not “reconsider” investing in “REAL” India or more specifically in the Indian media?



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