Brunello Cucinelli (often referred to as the “King Of Cashmere”) buys an aquarium of two gold fishes.   Let’s call them Anushua (which means one who is devoid of envy) and Ananya (which means a unique pornstar) @ 0.99/hr (currency you can decide)   The King loves them a lot so he feeds them thrice a day, changes the water every week and spends a lot time with them.   One fine day, a close friend (let’s […]

“Take care of my needs and you will get every contact in the finance industry”, says the Head Of Business Development   “Get yourself a drink or get fired with a wink”, says the Founder & CEO   “You will need to join our poker party because the COO wants you to”, says the AVP   “I do not intend to give your promotion, so you will have to make an early exit”, says the Head […]

My hair has been harvested in Ladakh   Then I’ve been hand-spun in Kashmir   I’m not Adrenalo, I’m not Arabella, I’m not Arcobaleno, I’m not Azzurra…..   I’m not Grunello, I’m not Cucento, I’m not Roberto….   You can now “Create Your Own Name” or you can order this “Luxury Stole” by phone +(91) 9152239838 or Email  

I’m the best mother so I didn’t correct my son when he stole for the first time after-all I had to secretly make-out with men to run the household   I’m the best mother-in-law so I died giving awesome blowjobs to all the clients whose money my dear son-in-law FORGOT to return   I’m afraid, is this the future of a THIEF’s unfortunate destiny with men, bald men, more men, uncles of aunties, friends, “we […]

I’m living the life in the Bay Area with my mommy, daddy and two sisters   I’m planning to spend this Valentine’s Day with my look-alike   I love playing hide-n-seek & tag, but forget to bring the toy back, just like my daddy   Did I forget to mention that I’m planning to build an app that “barks” after I get laid off in case you decide to touch base with me at +1.408.802.2885 (with […]

I understand nothing about cyber security, privacy, criminal infiltration and data exfiltration, but I’d love to call myself an in-house expert in everything mobile.   I can even stand naked if my retarded boss wants me to, just to rise the corporate ladder.   Like my retarded boss, I have multiple profiles too..   While I’d like to call myself a literature lover and an adrenalin junkie, I’m yet to learn the correct spelling of […]

“Whether it is Ur #work Ur #Love or Ur #life Unless U throw Ur entire self into it, U will never know what it is..”, says the STALKER (24th Nov, 2014)   Can a RESPONSIBLE Green card holder (who is HAPPILY MARRIED with two really UGLY daughters) spy on a Beautiful INDIAN citizen (erstwhile client and HAPPILY SINGLE) since 2010 without her CONSENT and then be allowed to run a software development company within the […]


Enchanted is a 5-minutes short story set against the backdrop of the Antwerp port.

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For all those who’ve been STALKED

You can grab this beautiful mauve pashmina stole @ INR 23,000 by entering “STALKER” in the “order notes” section at the time of check-out…..

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