I called a friend thinking that someone is spying on me and started briefing the incident   Soon the call got disconnected   I called him a few minutes later and he yelled at me saying that a man started abusing him (Mar 10th, 2012)   At quarter to twelve, I get a phone call that someone represented me from USA but I don’t know anyone in the US (June 6th, 2018)   If James Bond […]

My India offices do not exist, I’m a vendor to the Australian counterpart and I have two addresses for a single office in Silicon Valley   None of my STAFF has ever worked with companies like HP, Oracle, TIBCO, WebEx as I normally like to brag   The quickest way by which I enter a system is through my CLIENT’S cellphone or for that matter anybody’s cellphone   When I’m unable to control a STRONG […]

“What would you prefer in bake?”, asks Jack   “I would go for a chicken cornbread casserole,” says Jasmine   “Here’s something for you,” says Jack   “Can I open it?” asks Jasmine   “Of course, it’s for you,” says Jack   “Nice,” says Jasmine   “How about this?” asks Jack   “Beautiful,” says Jasmine   “I have one more thing for you,” says Jack   “You could have just got a 100 of them,” […]

My hair has been harvested in Ladakh   Then I’ve been hand-spun in Kashmir   I’m not Adrenalo, I’m not Krass, I’m not Arcobaleno, I’m not Azzurra…..   I’m not Cezare, I’m not Cucento, I’m not Roberto….   You can now “Create Your Own Name” or you can order this “Luxury Stole“   2018 will be the year of the INDIAN “fair” women and it’s INDIGENOUS products    

“Take care of my needs and you will get every contact in the finance industry”, says the Head Of Business Development   “How many men do you stay with as it is so common in Mumbai, says the Head Of Business Development   “Get yourself a drink or get fired with a wink”, says the Founder & CEO   “You will need to join our poker party because the COO wants you to”, says the AVP […]

Whether you are negotiating a business deal with your client or you are negotiating your remuneration with your employer, the art of negotiation escapes most of us.   For the majority, negotiation means a process which involves a reduction of price and terms to get the best deal. However, that’s not what it is supposed to be. The word “negotiate” means to carry on business. The aim of negotiation is to continue doing business with […]

Let your phone breathe, spare some empty space and use it instead to call your parents and loved ones.     If you are an aspiring artist (Dancer, Photographer, Stage/Film Actor, Singer, or even Model), begin by making a human connection (uninstall the app Castivate, instead reach out directly to Chris Shields (New York–based filmmaker and writer who is a frequent contributor to Art & Antiques magazine and Screen Slate) through Film Comment     Even […]

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